Course Description

Corporate finance is central to the operation of every organization. This course explores the theoretical aspects of corporate finance. The end goal is to provide students with the tools necessary to conduct accurate financial analysis. For students pursuing a career in finance, the topics provide the foundation for an immersion in the science of finance. Students pursuing non-finance careers will receive a complete coverage of finance issues encountered by all senior managers.

Detailed coverage of corporate finance issues is addressed in this course. Topics such as cost of capital, value of the firm, derivative securities, efficient capital markets, capital structure and others are covered in the context of value maximization.

Strong mathematical skills and extensive use of computer based tools are required. Prerequisite foundation courses are integrated throughout the course and students are assumed to have a working knowledge of financial accounting, economics and statistics.

Required Textbooks & Materials:

             Syllabus – Summer 2024

Principles of Corporate Finance by Brealey, Myers and Allen, 14th ed., New York: McGraw Hill, Inc. 2023  or  E-Book (see below)

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Financial Calculator – HP 12C

Access to Computer and Excel

Finance Practice Problems: Good website for practicing finance problems


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Prerequisites – MBA 501, MBA 502, MBA 504, MBA 507  (unless waived by Dr. Will)

Lecture Slides (Verify the sets match the lecture. The sequence is not identical to the syllabus)

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Audio Lecture

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