Expert Analysis

Expert financial and economic analysis is vital when adjudicating personal and corporate disputes. The proper valuation of assets is an important part of the litigation process. Complex securities and alternative investments require the attention of an expert versed in the entire array of asset categories and investment vehicles.

Beyond asset valuation, litigation often requires the ability to clearly and succinctly communicate the findings of an expert report. This can come in the form of written opinions, depositions, or court testimony.  Communicating ideas are often more vital than the ideas themselves.

Beyond his academic and professional experience in dealing with the most complex investment assets available, Dr. Will has an acute ability to articulate his analysis to a wide range of audiences. His ability to both analyze and explain are evidenced by his scholarship and public speaking accomplishments.

He won the Excellence in Teaching Award from Johns Hopkins University and has worked extensively with McGraw Hill and other publishers, primarily on authoring teaching supplements. Dr. Will is noted for his ability to make the complex, simple and easy to understand. His ability to bridge the gap between theory and practice, as well as speak to a wide range of audiences, makes Dr. Will the ideal person to perform both analysis and convey the results to the appropriate audience.

Dr. Will also has a unique skill in his ability to read and interpret complex financial contracts. Both his education and experience makes him a useful resource when interpreting contracts and explaining the economic impact of said instruments. Knowing how capital markets function often requires when dealing with corporate contracts.

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When providing consulting services, Dr. Will functions as an independent contractor and is solely responsible for its content. Consulting services are not affiliated with the University of Indianapolis.