Media Relations

Marketing and advertising can be expensive ventures. As a result, a variety of alternative communication portals exist. Social media, television, radio, print and the web each provide an organization with a means of distributing important messages.

Dealing with the media, by choice or in response to an event, often requires both experience and personal relationships with media outlets. As with any business activity, the goal is to improve the standing of the organization from a financial and long term growth perspective.

Over that past decade, Dr. Will has established himself as a leading business commentator. He has hosted a radio show, guest hosted shows on a leading commercial station, and is interviewed extensively in popular media. An article he wrote was published as a lead opinion column in the Wall Street Journal and he is often contacted as a source for new stories and background data.  This makes Dr. Will uniquely qualified to assist the strategic implementation of media relations for almost any organization.

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When providing consulting services, Dr. Will functions as an independent contractor and is solely responsible for its content. Consulting services are not affiliated with the University of Indianapolis.