Investment Advising

Individuals, not-for-profits, foundations and others are finding it more and more difficult to earn the appropriate risk adjusted investment returns in today’s highly unpredictable markets. In addition, investors are often at a loss when assessing the performance of their money managers.

Money managers may have hidden conflicts of interest and fee arrangements that are not beneficial to their clients. Investors are sometimes the victim of salesmanship on the part of money managers and are unaware of the mismanagement of their funds until it is too late.

Dr. Will is able to provide organizations with comprehensive investment management advice. Since he does not sell or offer any specific investment product, Dr. Will is able to provide objective investment advice to the entire range of the investment community.

These investment services include:

  • Development of investment policy statements
  • Evaluation of money manager performance
  • Creation of proper performance benchmarks
  • Recommendations on proper asset allocation
  • Investment research
  • Portfolio risk assessment
  • Others…

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When providing consulting services, Dr. Will functions as an independent contractor and is solely responsible for its content. Consulting services are not affiliated with the University of Indianapolis.