Speaking Engagements

Dr. Will is frequently asked to speak before companies, professional associations, board of directors, and at large public functions. He offers a unique perspective on a wide range of topics, from global economics to public service. His broad based knowledge allows him to speak on general topics of interest or issues that are specific to an organization.

His speeches draw extensive praise and it is common for organizations to ask him to speak time and time again. Dr. Will is noted for his ability to make the complex simple and provide an enjoyable time for his audience. His unique sense of humor is cited as making even the most boring meetings fun and entertaining.

Dr. Will’s speaking schedule can be very busy, so groups wishing to arrange for a speech are encouraged to contact him as early as possible. For general topic speeches, last minutes schedule may be accommodated.

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When providing consulting services, Dr. Will functions as an independent contractor and is solely responsible for its content. Consulting services are not affiliated with the University of Indianapolis.