Strategic Planning

Every organization needs to have some long term vision in order to succeed. Unfortunately, the daily demands of a company or not-for-profit organization will prevent the conversion or a long term vision into a formal strategic plan. Difficult economic times increase the tension between immediate needs and long term planning.

The phrase “Strategic Planning” is often a catch all phrase used to explain the unexplainable. In reality, it is used when people are at a loss to explain what they need. This is usually the

Strategic planning requires an understanding the work flow of a business, the skill set of important employees, and the goal of the organization. The first steps of successful strategic planning, is the ability to learn what the organization does and develop a feasible action plan. Consultants often stop there, collect their fee and leave.

The most important part is that the plan be PROFITABLE and that proper FOLLOW UP occur. Both corporations and not-for-profits realize the end result must be financial success. Unless there is proper follow up, the organization is left where they started, short on time and unable to implement the plan.

Through his 25 years of experience, Dr. Will has successfully dealt with numerous organizations and helped them develop strategies to succeed and prosper. His attention to RESULTS is what sets him apart. To him, clients are not mere engagements, but people who expect results. The final product must not be a piece of paper, but actual results that can be measured financially.

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